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Egypt: US insists Cairo cut all ties with Pyongyang

October 12, 2017

Washington, which already froze military assistance package to Egypt over its intriguing relations with Pyongyang, has reiterated its demand to Cairo to curtail all ties ... Read More

Egypt: US froze military aid over Cairo’s secret arms deal from North Korea

October 2, 2017

Washington in August froze $300 million military aid to Cairo after US intelligence intercepted a shipment of 30,000 grenades from North Korea to Egypt under ... Read More

Egypt strengthens naval fleet with U.S and French ships

June 24, 2015

Egypt has boosted its naval fleet with three military ships from the U.S and France. Two U.S fast missile boats and a French FREMM (European ... Read More

Egypt-USA: Sisi and Panetta discuss regional security

May 29, 2015

Regional security and the joint Arab force project were among the main topics discussed at talks held Thursday in Cairo between Egyptian President Abdel Fatah ... Read More