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Morocco explains its vote for a UN resolution asking Russia to leave Ukraine

March 1, 2023

Morocco voted in favor of a UN General Assembly resolution last week breaking away with its previous abstentions. Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita said the ... Read More

EU-Africa energy partnership in wake of Russia-Ukraine war

October 24, 2022

As the European Union restructures its plans for energy security in light of shifting geopolitical realities, high-level European and African energy stakeholders met during the ... Read More

European Court calls on Moscow to halt execution of Moroccan captured in Dontesk

June 17, 2022

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has called on Russia to prevent the execution of Moroccan Brahim Saadoun sentenced to death in a pro-Moscow ... Read More

Skoda Auto turns to Morocco to secure cable harness

June 2, 2022

Skoda Auto is among the automotive makers who are looking to Morocco to supply cable harness to offset the production disruption due to the Russia-Ukraine ... Read More

Commodities imports deepen Morocco’s trade deficit up to Feb 2022

April 3, 2022

Morocco’s trade deficit rose 57% up to February this year, due to a surge of commodities prices in the international market. Tensions in the black ... Read More

Automotive: Japanese Sumitomo moves production to Morocco due to Russia-Ukraine war

March 23, 2022

Japanese Sumitomo Electric Industries has decided to move its production of automotive wire harnesses to Morocco and Romania due to the Russian-Ukraine war and heightened ... Read More

Russia-Ukraine war: Morocco to scale up fertilizers exports to Brazil

March 14, 2022

The Russia-Ukraine war is reshaping the global trade & supply chain as Western nations have imposed severe economic and financial sanctions on Moscow for its ... Read More