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Tunisia: 2,000 Youth Stopped From Joining World Conflict Zones this Year

May 10, 2016

Around 2,000 Tunisians have been stopped from joining terrorist groups in war zones around the world so far this year, the Interior Ministry said on ... Read More

Iran-US: Obama smooths over critics but threatens to veto any rejection by the US Congress

July 15, 2015

US President Barack Obama hailed the watershed deal between world powers and Iran and tried to convince critics of the deal but warned to oppose ... Read More

Tunisia: The Aerospace Industry in Danger

April 4, 2013

Latelec manifested its desire to leave the shores of Tunisia, after a heavy loss due to frequent strikes caused by the revolution. An estimated loss ... Read More

Tunisia’s Travel and Tourism Sector Rejuvenated

March 27, 2013

Hope is twinkling in Tunisia after a report stated that sectors involved in travel and tourism have attained positive results during 2012. The report from ... Read More

Algeria commemorates National Shaheed Day

February 18, 2013

A day before the official commemoration ceremonies begin in the country to mark the National Shaheed (martyr) Day observed on the 18th of February, the ... Read More

Libya Celebrates Revolution First Anniversary, Rebels Refuse to Lay Down Arms

October 25, 2012

Libya celebrated on Tuesday the first anniversary of the revolution that put an end to Moammar Khaddafi’s decades long dictatorship but even so the country ... Read More

The Risks of Revolution: Tunisia and the Future of Hizb al-Nahda

September 6, 2012

Revolutions are a risky business, not least for the revolutionaries themselves. Be they in 18th century France or in 21st century Tunisia, revolutions are sparked ... Read More