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Libya: Serraj Talks Security & Economic Partnership with Tunisia

May 12, 2016

Libya’s Prime Minister-designate backed by the United Nations Wednesday in Tunis discussed anti-terrorism and economic partnership with Tunisian leaders, as the unity government is trying ... Read More

Tunisia-Libya: Border Blockade to End Soon, Governor Matmati

May 5, 2016

Governor Tahar Matmati of Medenine stated that the week-long border blockade that has affected trade between Libya and Tunisia “will be resolved very soon” as ... Read More

Tunisia: Unrest in the border towns enters third day

February 11, 2015

Residents of Tunisia's two main border crossings with Libya staged a general strike Tuesday to protest against what they say is excessive force by police ... Read More

Talks on the Opening of Libya-Tunisia Border Crossing Launched

March 17, 2014

Negotiations on restoring peace and stability on the border crossing Ras Jedir between Libya and Tunisia started on Friday (March 14). Their ultimate aim is ... Read More