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France condemns Tunisia’s police crackdown on journalists during Jan. 14 anti-president protest

January 18, 2022

The French Foreign ministry slammed Monday police treatment of journalists during Jan. 14 pro-democracy demonstration against President Kais Saied, in the Tunisian capital Tunis, reports ... Read More

Morocco’s Police Denies Using Israeli Weapons

May 27, 2018

Morocco's police department, DGSN, firmly denied exhibiting Israeli weapons during festivities marking its 62nd anniversary. Media reports have claimed that Israeli assault riffles, IWI Tavor ... Read More

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood clashes with security forces, Morsi encourages more actions

July 18, 2015

Clashes between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces after the prayers of Eid al-fitr have left six people dead and at least 15 ... Read More