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Libya: Serraj appoints finance minister to unlock CBL-held funds

November 15, 2016

Head of UN-backed Presidential Council (PC) Faiez Serraj has appointed finance minister to help release life-saving funds help up by Central Bank of Libya (CBL) ... Read More

Egypt : Investors begin their return

January 23, 2014

As elections draw close this year, Egypt aims at attracting foreign currency into the country after investments almost dried up following the revolution which overthrew ... Read More

Egypt : how much is enough to restore investor confidence

December 5, 2013

Egyptian officials have renewed their efforts to draw back investors, especially in the energy sector, at an investment conference by paying the debts owed to ... Read More

Egypt: Investment Projects To Be Launched

March 14, 2013

The Egyptian government has set aside several development and investment projects despite the ongoing crisis as revealed by the ministers of the civil aviation and ... Read More