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Morocco Warns Algeria of Imminent Military Action to Evict Polisario from Sahara Buffer Zone

April 9, 2018

Morocco had reportedly warned Algeria of an imminent military action to evict the Polisario separatists from the buffer zone, east of the Moroccan security wall, ... Read More

UN Expert Urge Rich Countries to Act to Halt Boat Deaths offshore Libya

April 24, 2015

A UN expert has called on rich Western countries to take in some thousands of the Syrian and sub-Saharan migrants to end the tragedies of ... Read More

Algeria Takes Military Action against AQIM

January 5, 2013

Algerian military forces have launched lately a large scale combing campaign targeting Islamist militants groups operating in the Boumerdes-Tizi-Ouzou-Bouira triangle, stronghold of al-Qaeda in the ... Read More