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COVID-19: Morocco’s King Deployed a Genuine Marshall Plan to Support Economy, Protect Populations – Forbes

April 6, 2020

The magazine “Forbes France” highlighted, on Monday, the “Marshall Plan” deployed by King Mohammed VI, from the start of the coronavirus health crisis, as part ... Read More

Tunisia Needs Marshall Plan, EU Parliament Committee Says

July 13, 2016

Members of the European parliament’s Foreign Affairs committee have stated that Tunisia’s transitional period needs support and stronger cooperation with the European Union. The MEPs ... Read More

Tunisia: Parliament Speaker calls on EU to establish Marshall Plan for Tunisia

February 9, 2016

Tunisia’s Parliament Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur Monday called on EU to put in place a “Marshall Plan” to help secure his country’s struggling economy. Ennaceur was ... Read More

Renewable Energy: Ex-French energy minister plans $3 Bln fund for africa

October 1, 2015

Jean Louis Borloo, France's former energy minister hopes to raise $3 billion from Western donors by next year to help cash-strapped African nations fund renewable ... Read More

Algeria Tries to Defuse Unemployment Time Bomb

March 13, 2013

Algeria announced on Monday a series of measures to fight the chronic unemployment excluding thousands of Algerian youths from the work market, mainly in the ... Read More