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Terrorist Groups Wreak Havoc in Sahel despite Presence of Counter-terrorism Forces

April 21, 2018

Weak states, porous borders and trafficking activities turned the Sahel into a safe heaven for terrorist groups. The terrorist attack on April 14 in Timbuktu ... Read More

French Paper Highlights Morocco’s Tolerant Islam as Bulwark against Extremism

April 3, 2017

French paper, L’Express, highlighted the role played by Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams in boosting Morocco’s clout in the continent and championing ... Read More

Europe: ISIS Sympathizers Suspected among EU Drivers

April 18, 2016

Two EU drivers have been reportedly fired after IS propaganda CDs were allegedly found with them. The discovery prompted the EU to take a recent ... Read More

Algerian Authorities Urged to Allow Free Media Coverage of the Election

April 16, 2014

The Algerian authorities have tightened their grip on visa requests by foreign journalists. Visas for the media, which are usually issued within two weeks, have ... Read More