Tag: Legislative Elections

Gabon to hold general elections on August 26?

June 26, 2023

Gabonese will head to polls on August 26 to elect a new leader, parliamentarians and mayors after the country’s Elections council (CGE) announced the date ... Read More

Guinea-Bissau: opposition wins legislative elections, secures majority in parliament

June 9, 2023

The PAI Terra Ranka coalition of five opposition groups, led by the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, has won Guinea-Bissau's ... Read More

Elections – Guinea-Bissau: Former Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o invited to animate Madem-G15 campaign

May 23, 2023

The former Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o arrived in Guinea-Bissau Monday to animate the election campaign of the Movement for Democratic Change (Madem-G15), announcing the party ... Read More

Tunisia-Elections: Deadline for candidacy bids submission extended

October 26, 2022

Tunisia’s independent electoral Commission, ISIE, announced the extension of the legislative elections candidacy bids submissions to October 27. The deadline was hit on Sunday October ... Read More

RNI kicks off talks to form coalition government

September 11, 2021

RNI started talks with other political parties to form the new government which the newly appointed head of the government Aziz Akhannouch said should be ... Read More

PJD to join opposition after humiliating electoral failure

September 10, 2021

Morocco’s Islamist PJD party said it will join the opposition after leading the government for two consecutive terms. The Party’s general secretariat members said they ... Read More

Morocco: Islamist PJD party suffers crushing defeat in legislative elections

September 9, 2021

The September 8 elections in Morocco were propitious to the liberal RNI party, chaired by Aziz Akhannouch, as it won 102 seats in the 395-member ... Read More

Victory for the RNI, crushing defeat for PJD Islamists in Morocco’s parliamentary elections

September 9, 2021

Moroccan social democrat party RNI won a slight majority, followed by its PAM counterpart, and conservative Istiqlal in the parliamentary elections in which voters dealt ... Read More

Tunisia: unconfirmed results make Ennahdha winner of legislatives

October 7, 2019

Moderate Islamist party Ennahdha has won Sunday legislative elections according to exit polls. Polling firm, Sigma Conseil projects the party to garner 17.5 percent of ... Read More

Akhannouch, New Secretary General of National Rally for Independents

October 30, 2016

Aziz Akhannouch was elected new secretary General of the National Rally for Independents succeeding Salah Eddine Mezouar who presented his resignation following the October 7 ... Read More