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More countries support Moroccan operation in Guergarate to restore peace and security in the Maghreb and Sahel region

December 1, 2020

The blocking of the free movement of people and goods by the "polisario" undermines peace and security in the Maghreb and Sahel region, said the ... Read More

Sahara: Morocco Alerts UN to Polisario CeaseFire Violations

February 25, 2017

Morocco urged the United Nations to take necessary measures to avert the serious violations of the ceasefire agreement by the Polisario in the southernmost tip ... Read More

Morocco Captures Algerian Military Officers, Polisario Fighters in Guergarat

October 17, 2016

The Royal Armed Forces conducted an operation that foiled an Algerian plan to establish a polisario separatist military presence in the southernmost tip of the ... Read More

Morocco Reiterates Commitment to Cease-fire Agreement, Shows Restraint in Response to Polisario Provocations

September 11, 2016

Morocco’s Permanent Representative at the UN headquarters in New York, Ambassador Omar Hilale, reiterated the Kingdom’s commitment to the UN-brokered 1991 cease-fire agreement in response ... Read More

Morocco Completes Asphalt Paving of Guergarat Road

September 10, 2016

Following a successful anti-smuggling operation to clear the border area of Guerguerat from all sorts of illegal commercial activities, Morocco completed the asphalting of the ... Read More

Moroccan Army Steps Up Vigilance to Counter Arms Trafficking on Southern Borders

August 25, 2016

Following the operation launched by Moroccan authorities to clear the border area with Mauritania of all trafficking and illegal commercial activities, the Royal Armed Forces ... Read More

Morocco Informed UN, Nouakchott about Anti-smuggling Operation

August 18, 2016

The operation led by Moroccan security services in the southernmost tip of the Kingdom is a police operation conducted in coordination with the UN and ... Read More