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British and Moroccan Armies Hold Joint Training Exercise

November 10, 2022

Soldiers from the “2nd Brigade of Parachute Infantry” of the Royal Moroccan Armed forces and the British Army’s Global Response Force are taking part in ... Read More

Africans still see China favorably, but prefer US as global superpower — survey

November 1, 2022

China is still seen favorably by many in Africa, where it is vying for influence with Washington, though, worldwide, support for Beijing has undergone a ... Read More

Gabon’s Ali Bongo to fly to London today Friday to attend late Queen Elizabeth’s funerals

September 16, 2022

Ali Bongo, the leader of Gabon, will fly today Friday to London in view of attending the funerals of late United Kingdom (UK) monarch Queen ... Read More

Mixed legacy: in Africa, not everyone mourns Queen Elizabeth II

September 15, 2022

As Africa reflects on the legacy of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, from Kenya to Nigeria to South Africa, the monarch's passing has reignited a sensitive ... Read More

Death of Queen Elizabeth II: For King Mohammed VI, Morocco Loses “Great & Special Friend”

September 9, 2022

King Mohammed VI has offered his condolences to UK’s new King Charles III following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II at the age ... Read More

Iraq cancels imprisonment sentence of British national accused of smuggling antiquities

July 27, 2022

An Iraqi court has overturned the conviction and 15-year sentence handed to a British pensioner last month for antiquities smuggling, the defense of the pensioner ... Read More

Moroccan-U.S.‘African Lion 2021’ Exercise will take place on June 7-18

June 5, 2021

Following the high instructions of King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, the joint Moroccan-US exercise “African ... Read More

Morocco, U.S. Launch African Lion 2017 Military Drills

April 21, 2017

The African Lion military exercises kicked off with the participation of about 1300 military personnel from the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Mali, Mauritania, ... Read More

COP22: Security Measures Enhanced in Marrakesh

November 3, 2016

Enhanced security measures were taken by Moroccan security services under the direct supervision of Abdellatif Hammouchi, head of Morocco’s domestic intelligence agency (DGST), in Marrakech ... Read More

Moroccan, U.S. Troops to Hold Military Exercise “African Lion” April 18-27

April 11, 2016

Moroccan and American servicemen will organize their joint annual military exercise “African Lion” from April 18 to 27 in southern Morocco, according to press reports. ... Read More