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Warm homecoming for Canadians of Moroccan descent

January 3, 2023

Warm homecoming for a group of Jewish students from Montreal! A visit to Bayt Dakira (House of Memory), a Jewish Museum located in the heart ... Read More

South African newspaper highlights example of Essaouira as a city of tolerance, coexistence between Muslims and Jews

October 23, 2021

South African newspaper "Daily Maverick" highlighted the many assets of the Moroccan city of Essaouira, which has become over time an example of tolerance and ... Read More

Morocco to build 270 MW wind farm near Essaouira

January 2, 2021

Morocco has given a go-ahead to a 270 MW wind farm in Jbel lahdid near Essaouira for a total cost of 2.8 billion dirhams ($314 ... Read More

Essaouira Consecrated as City of Arts & Culture

January 18, 2020

The Atlantic city of Essaouira was consecrated Friday as the city of Arts, Culture and Handicraft as King Mohammed VI launched there the establishment of ... Read More

Essaouira, a Symbol of Morocco’s Diversity, Cultural Plurality & Richness – UNESCO DG

January 16, 2020

The Atlantic city of Essaouira is a standing symbol of Morocco’s diversity and of the plurality of its cultures that make up its richness, said ... Read More

King Mohammed VI Honors Essaouira, Haven of Muslim-Jewish Coexistence

January 16, 2020

King Mohammed VI on Wednesday visited Essaouira where he oversaw a facelift of the city’s historical center called Medina and celebrated its centuries-old history of ... Read More

Religious Coexistence, Morocco sets Example for Middle East- The Economist says

November 3, 2017

"Little idyll of Jewish-Muslim coexistence," thus the London-based magazine, The Economist, described Morocco in an article that highlights the longstanding tradition of religious tolerance in ... Read More

Morocco Arrests Four Terrorists Loyal to IS in Essaouira

June 23, 2017

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), an offshoot of Morocco’s domestic intelligence agency, arrested four members of a terrorist cell loyal to the Islamic ... Read More

Moroccan Appeals Court Upholds Jail Sentence for Frenchman on Terrorism Charges

March 9, 2017

An Appeals court in Morocco upheld a guilty verdict for French national, Thomas Gallay, on charges of funding a terrorist cell based in the Moroccan ... Read More

Frenchman Indicted on Terrorism Charges in Morocco Appeals Conviction

February 23, 2017

French national, Thomas Gallay, who was indicted on charges of funding a terrorist cell based in the Moroccan Atlantic city of Essaouira appealed his conviction ... Read More