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Iran : Time and political will to seal agreement, Foreign Minister Zarif

May 29, 2014

Iran has claimed that positive results have been gained from their discussions with the EU’s diplomatic Chief Catherine Ashton. Iran’s nuclear program has always been ... Read More

EU and France to Dispatch More Forces to CAR

February 19, 2014

First Paris and then Brussels announced last Friday (14 February) that they would boost their peace-keeping forces in the strife-torn Central African Republic. Following a ... Read More

Egypt: US congress delegation issues warning

July 31, 2013

Shortly after EU’s Catherine Ashton announced that she had an open and frank discussion with Mursi, the White House is planning to send John McCain ... Read More

Asthon: Morocco is key EU partner

June 7, 2013

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton has described Morocco as "a key partner of the European Union" and hailed ... Read More