Morocco, USA Exchange Expertise on Fight against Crime

Morocco and the USA, which are determined to reinforce their cooperation in security matters, have discussed at a meeting in Rabat Monday ways to bolster the fight against crime under all its forms.

The meeting between Head of Morocco’s public prosecutor office Mohamed Abdelnabaoui and a delegation of US attorneys general discussed best practices in the fight against crime.

In a press release, Abdennabaoui explained that the Rabat meeting, which follows the meeting held in the United States in 2019, aims at promoting the exchange of expertise and successful experiences as well as to share best practices of the two countries’ legal systems.

The meeting held in Rabat served as an opportunity to discuss ideas to minimize crime, attorney general of the District of Columbia, Washington, Karl Racine has said.

Attorney general of the State of Idaho, Lawrence G.Wasden, who is also part of the US delegation, said this second meeting focused on exchanging ideas on several topics of common interest. “Cooperation between the two parties focuses on cases relating to drug trafficking, human trafficking, protection of personal data and money laundering,” the US attorney general said.

The visit is also a way to formalize exchanges between the two countries, facilitating the organization of training sessions and strengthening communication, G. Wasden added.

A delegation of US attorneys General, including Lawrence G. Wasden, had visited Morocco in 2018, to learn about the country’s efforts to counter human trafficking, cyber terrorism and transnational organized crimes.

In a column published after this first visit in Salt Lake Tribune, under the title “United front with Morocco supports security across the globe”, Lawrence G. Wasden and his colleague Sean Reyes recalled the historic, longstanding ties existing between the USA and Morocco, saying these ties remain of the highest importance today, especially in the global fight against terrorism and extremism.

“We learned how a Muslim majority nation is addressing these challenges, against threats both foreign and domestic, and promoting shared interests and ideals in a region growing increasingly unstable”, the U.S. Attorneys General had pointed out in their column.

Morocco’s security services have an excellent reputation for their efficient strategy in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

The US has extolled Morocco’s approach against terrorism and crime in several reports.

In its 2019 Country Report on Terrorism, the US Department of State emphasized that Morocco’s counterterrorism efforts have effectively mitigated risks of terrorism over the past three years.

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