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Algeria: “A rotten regime saved, for now, by gas” – The Economist

November 17, 2022

The British magazine, The Ecomist, published recently a very critical story on the economic, political and social situation in Algeria that it described as dismal. ... Read More

The Economist whitewashes Polisario and Algeria while surfing on wave of neocolonialism

January 2, 2021

On Dec 16, the famous British weekly magazine, The Economist, derailed from its principles of objectivity and gave an example of stark bias in an ... Read More

Moroccan Companies ‘Thrive’ in West Africa- The Economist says

July 24, 2018

Moroccan companies have been thriving in West Africa where the country geared diplomatic and economic effort, wrote the Economist in an article examining Morocco’s charm ... Read More

Religious Coexistence, Morocco sets Example for Middle East- The Economist says

November 3, 2017

"Little idyll of Jewish-Muslim coexistence," thus the London-based magazine, The Economist, described Morocco in an article that highlights the longstanding tradition of religious tolerance in ... Read More

The Economist Highlights Economic Cost of Non-Maghreb

July 29, 2017

To boost their economic competitiveness in an increasingly globalised world, the normal solution for countries is to take steps towards economic integration, facilitating the flow ... Read More

Morocco, ‘Budding Success’ in region- The Economist

January 28, 2017

The Economist magazine described Morocco as a “budding success” in the region thanks to the political and economic reforms it has taken on the backdrop ... Read More

Ban Ki-moon, Dullest, Worst UNSG, The Economist

May 26, 2016

South Korea’s Ban Ki-moon, the outgoing Secretary General of the United Nations, has been described by the Economist as “the dullest—and among the worst” UN ... Read More