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Germany Grants Morocco over €300 Mln for Sustainable Development

February 6, 2019

Germany is supporting Morocco’s sustainable development efforts with a financial assistance of €330.5 million, including loans and grants. The funds will help the North African ... Read More

King Mohammed VI Calls For institutionalization of Social Dialogue

February 20, 2017

King Mohammed VI has called for the institutionalization of social dialogue as a major gateway to achieving social justice and sustainable development. In a message ... Read More

Morocco-Africa: the Human Face of a Cooperation

March 19, 2013

Cooperation between countries is most of the time benefit-earning oriented and before any project is launched, studies are conducted to assess its profitability. This is ... Read More

Morocco Moving Forward Towards Regionalization

January 3, 2013

Morocco is moving forward in implementing its regionalization plan in the southern provinces through the establishment of a regional economic system conducive to growth, wealth ... Read More