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Moroccan seasonal workers to help save clementine yield in France’s Corsica

October 8, 2020

Morocco has green-lighted a trip by 900 seasonal workers to Corsica to help French farmers there save the clementine season among a shortage of labor. ... Read More

NGOs call on UN to investigate violations suffered by Moroccan Seasonal workers in Spain

June 4, 2020

Eight NGOs, including the international organization Women's Link Worldwide, have called on the United Nations to investigate urgently the human rights violations suffered by the ... Read More

Moroccan seasonal Workers in Spain in Difficult Conditions despite Outcry- Spanish Media

January 20, 2020

Thousands of Moroccan female seasonal workers working in Spanish strawberry farms continue to live in dire conditions in Spain despite multiple promises to improve their ... Read More

Morocco, Spain vow to protect rights of seasonal workers

August 16, 2019

Morocco and Spain promised to protect the rights of Moroccan female seasonal workers who travel every year to the region of Huelva to work in ... Read More

Spain Offers Over 10,000 Contracts to Moroccan Seasonal Workers

January 20, 2018

The Spanish government has offered 10,400 new contracts to Moroccan seasonal workers in 2018, to work mainly in strawberry and other red fruit and citrus ... Read More