NGOs call on UN to investigate violations suffered by Moroccan Seasonal workers in Spain

Eight NGOs, including the international organization Women’s Link Worldwide, have called on the United Nations to investigate urgently the human rights violations suffered by the Moroccan women seasonal workers and other migrants who work in the strawberry and red fruit harvest in Huelva, Spain.

The NGOs warn of the risk that COVID-19 pandemic poses to the rights of Moroccan temporary workers and the rest of the migrant working population, who were already in a situation of vulnerability due to labor exploitation and the different forms of violence they have suffered for years.

According to their joint complaint, the temporary workers were exposed to new forms of exploitation after they lost their jobs due to covid-19 lockdown and borders closure, with a greater impunity in cases of violence, especially sexual violence, and the difficulties of the strawberry migrant workers to access healthcare and justice.

In addition, their working conditions do not respect the health safety requirements as there is no safety distance, no gloves or masks …while they sleep in construction containers, without ventilation or drinking water.

All these conditions can help spread COVID-19, warn the NGOs, demanding the protection of the health and rights of migrant workers in Huelva.

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