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Polisario’s debacle in Latin America continues

December 23, 2019

The Polisario’s debacle in Latin America is continuing. In just one week, Salvador has reiterated its support of Morocco’s territorial integrity and announced its decision ... Read More

Salvador to open embassy in Morocco after withdrawing recognition of SADR

December 20, 2019

Democracy brings an end to Polisario recognition in Latin America. All democracies in the region ended the anomaly of recognizing the self-proclaimed Polisario state known ... Read More

Morocco wins Salvador’s support on Sahara issue

June 16, 2019

Salvador withdrew its recognition of the Algerian-backed Polisario separatist entity putting another nail in the coffin of the separatists in Latin America while voicing support ... Read More

Chile’s Palestinian community opposes arms purchase from Israel

August 15, 2014

Chile's President of the Senate signs on August 13 the "one million signatures for peace" petition opposing Chile's purchase of arms from Israel at the ... Read More