Tag: New Social Contract

The New Morocco sought by King Mohammed VI

August 26, 2019

King Mohammed VI has put Morocco on track of social and economic development with the first twenty years of projects resulting in improved infrastructure but ... Read More

King spearheads new social contract in Morocco- Head of Crans Montana Forum

August 25, 2019

King Mohammed VI laid out in his August 20 speech a roadmap for a new social and political contract placing the citizen at heart of ... Read More

King Mohammed VI Seeks to Make of the New Development Model a New Social Contract

August 20, 2019

The new development model King Mohammed VI seeks to establish in Morocco is a new social pact where the Moroccan citizen is at the heart ... Read More

King Mohammed VI Calls for a New Social Contract

July 30, 2018

King Mohammed VI has called for a new social contract and outlined a roadmap for a complete overhaul of social dysfunctions, calling on the Government ... Read More