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Morocco remains resolved to boost ties, attachment with its Jewish diaspora

July 14, 2022

Morocco has reaffirmed its determination to continue to boost ties and attachment with its Jewish diaspora. This came during a Council of Ministers held in ... Read More

Morocco on way to revamp health sector

July 13, 2022

Morocco is forging ahead with the upgrade of its health sector in tandem with the generalization of health insurance as the country’s ministerial council, held ... Read More

Morocco’s 2022 draft budget to lay basis for economic take-off

October 18, 2021

Morocco’s 2022 draft budget plans measures to bolster economic recovery, generalize social safety nets, and promote employment in addition to continuing the overhaul of the ... Read More

Tangier Tragedy: King urges cabinet to take all necessary measures to avoid such incidents in the future

February 11, 2021

King Mohammed VI has urged the cabinet to take all necessary measures to avoid that tragedies like the one that took place in Tangier last ... Read More

Morocco’s King enquires about COVID-19 vaccine effort

October 14, 2020

King Mohammed VI chaired a ministerial meeting in Rabat Wednesday during which details were provided about the latest developments on an anti-COVID-19 vaccine currently developed ... Read More

Morocco’s 2020 budget to spur economy, keep jobs

July 7, 2020

A Council of Ministers, chaired by King Mohammed VI in Rabat Monday, examined the headlines of the edited draft budget 2020. The new budget was ... Read More

Morocco to open military air training facilities to national airlines

July 6, 2020

Morocco’s Royal Air School will make its training facilities available to pilots from national airlines, according to a draft law. The training will help pilots ... Read More

Draft Decrees on Implementation of Bill on Compulsory Military Service Approved at Ministers’ Council

February 7, 2019

Two draft decrees relating to the implementation of the recently adopted bill reinstating compulsory military service for young people aged between 19 and 25 years ... Read More

King Mohammed VI Rebukes Ministers for undelivered projects in Al Hoceima

June 26, 2017

King Mohammed VI criticized, at the Ministers’ Council he chaired in Casablanca on Sunday, several ministers for the delay in the delivery of a set ... Read More