Appointment of six ambassadors at Ministers’ Council chaired by King Mohammed VI

Appointment of six ambassadors at Ministers’ Council chaired by King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI has appointed at the Ministers’ Council he chaired Thursday in Rabat six ambassadors, namely to the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, France, China, and the United States of America.

This diplomatic movement, described by analysts of the news website Le360 as “qualitative”, concerned six strategic countries, with which Morocco maintains historical ties, multidimensional partnerships, and with which it has converging points of view on the Moroccan Sahara, and a diplomatic coordination on several regional issues.

Relations with these six countries have always been spearheaded and monitored directly by the Sovereign. Three of these countries, namely the United States, France and China, are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council; the other three (the UAE, Jordan, Egypt) are key countries in the Arab world and within the League of Arab States.

These appointments come against a backdrop of turbulence in the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and the United States) and increased tensions between China and the United States.

On the bilateral level, Morocco maintains solid relations with these six countries and is keen on strengthening these relations, adjust their paradigms and enrich their content.

The analysis of the CVs and profiles of the ambassadors appointed this Thursday by the Sovereign makes it possible to underline the consecration of meritocracy and the professionalism of diplomacy. Indeed, five of the six ambassadors appointed are executives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This testifies to royal confidence in the professionalism and competence of Moroccan diplomatic executives, who are thus entrusted with leading positions.

The sixth appointee, Morocco’s new Ambassador to France, Samira Sitail, who has an extensive national and international media experience, is the first woman to hold this position since independence. The former star journalist of the 2M channel has a great mastery of the political field and the main economic and social issues of the Kingdom, combined with a very good knowledge of the French political and media landscape.
During the Ministers Council, the King also appointed a number of Walis and governors.

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