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Libya: Government holds back management tender

March 18, 2013

The government has decided to stop the process of the bids it has tendered for the procurement of the management of Libya’s state-owned Libyan Post, ... Read More

Libya Celebrates Revolution First Anniversary, Rebels Refuse to Lay Down Arms

October 25, 2012

Libya celebrated on Tuesday the first anniversary of the revolution that put an end to Moammar Khaddafi’s decades long dictatorship but even so the country ... Read More

HRW Claims Dozens of Detainees Killed Following Khaddafi’s Capture

October 21, 2012

Human Rights Watch has claimed that dozens of detainees have been executed by militias after the Libyan former dictator, Moammar Khaddafi, was captured and killed ... Read More

Libya: A Human Rights Activist Elected Prime Minister

October 17, 2012

Ali Zeidan, a human rights lawyer and activist, was elected by the 200-strong Libyan General Congress as Interim Prime Minister for a transitional period of ... Read More