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Moroccan Government Formation, Back to Square One

January 9, 2017

Stalemate is the word that describes the best the sterile negotiations over government formation in Morocco. Three months after the Islamist Justice and Development Party ... Read More

Morocco Needs a Serious, Responsible Government

November 7, 2016

King Mohammed VI has pointed out that Morocco needs a serious, responsible government, up to the challenges facing the country and that the future cabinet ... Read More

Morocco: March in Casablanca against Instrumentalization of Islam in Politics

September 19, 2016

Some 40,000 people flocked Sunday to Casablanca to participate in a demonstration against the “Islamization” of the State and the instrumentalization of Islam in politics. ... Read More

El Othmani ignites the forbidden abortion topic in Morocco

March 6, 2015

El Othmani, number 2 of Justice and Development Party in Morocco revealed in an interview that he will side with a bill in favour of ... Read More