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Terrorist Groups Wreak Havoc in Sahel despite Presence of Counter-terrorism Forces

April 21, 2018

Weak states, porous borders and trafficking activities turned the Sahel into a safe heaven for terrorist groups. The terrorist attack on April 14 in Timbuktu ... Read More

Sahel Countries Keep Algeria out of Security Meeting

March 20, 2018

Sahel countries have convened a security meeting on March 16 to which Algeria was unsurprisingly not invited. Analysts see that in sidelining Algeria, Sahel countries ... Read More

Four Terrorist Groups Merge under Banner of Al Qaeda in Sahel

March 3, 2017

Four terrorist groups operating in the Sahel announced their merger into one group pledging allegiance to Al Qaeda and its Jordanian leader Azarkawi. The four ... Read More

Confidence Crisis Brews between Algeria and Europe over Counter-Terrorism

September 17, 2016

Algeria’s ambiguity and its suspicious role in the fight against terrorism were raised during the meeting of Presidents and Speakers of Parliaments from the 47 ... Read More