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Tunisia refuses to become Europe’s ‘Border Guard’ to curb illegal migration

June 19, 2023

Nancy Faeser and Gerald Darmanin respectively German and French Interior ministers arrived Sunday in Tunisia for meetings with Tunisian authorities few days after the North ... Read More

Tunisia: Interior Minister Sacked over Suspected Links with UAE for Coup

June 13, 2018

The Tunisian Parliament is investigating claims that sacked Interior Minister Lotfi Brahem, in connivance with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), had plotted a coup against ... Read More

Tunisian Interior Minister Fired over Migration tragedy

June 7, 2018

Tunisia’s Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on Wednesday fired his interior minister following the death of migrants off the coast of the North African country in ... Read More

Arab Interior Ministers Move to Tighten Borders Control

October 1, 2012

Arab Interior ministers have pledged to tighten borders security and control to prevent arms smuggling in the Arab world at the current turbulent and fragile ... Read More