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Amnesty International, HRW in the way of losing any sense of ethics and credibility

August 7, 2022

Like Human Rights Watch's latest controversial report on Morocco, Amnesty International's Friday report on the war in Ukraine is the target of strong international criticism, ... Read More

International human rights watchdogs slammed for biased, controversial reports

August 6, 2022

Several international human rights watchdogs have lately come under virulent criticism from various sides because of their biased and controversial reports. Like Human Rights Watch, ... Read More

When HRW treats anti-Morocco allegations as facts

July 30, 2022

Human Rights Watch has once again derailed from its watchdog mission issuing a politically-motivated heinous report on the state of human rights in Morocco in ... Read More

Morocco slams HRW report as biased

January 24, 2022

Morocco deplored the bias shown by Human Rights Watch in its annual report in which it sidelined with separatists and ignored facts on the ground. ... Read More

Morocco denounces HRW’s inappropriate approach regarding its judicial system

January 20, 2021

Moroccan authorities have firmly rejected the claims of Human Rights Watch about the Moroccan judicial system as stated in its World Report 2021. Moroccan authorities ... Read More

HRW sidelines with separatist political positions, Morocco says

December 26, 2020

Moroccan authorities rejected Human Rights Watch allegations of violations in the Sahara and denounced the use of the New York-based rights group of human rights ... Read More

Morocco slams HRW for non-respect of judiciary’s independence

October 1, 2020

Morocco has formally rejected the allegations of Human Rights Watch, which attacked in a recent report the Moroccan judiciary, accusing it of bias in the ... Read More

English-speaking Cameroon: 22 villagers including children, women killed – UN  

February 17, 2020

At least twenty two people, including 14 children and women were killed Friday in the village of Ntumbo, populated by the English-speaking minority in northwest ... Read More

Cameroon: Over a hundred abductions by armed separatists before elections (HRW)

February 12, 2020

At least a hundred individuals were abducted by armed separatists in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon before the legislative and municipal elections of Feb.9, revealed ... Read More

Algeria: HRW Calls for Release of Peaceful Protesters & Respect of Freedom Speech & Assembly

November 15, 2019

Human Rights Watch has called on the Algerian authorities to release immediately and unconditionally the peaceful activists and respect the rights to free speech and ... Read More