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Algeria, where are your Saturday people, and where are your Sunday people?

June 8, 2022

‘Algeria once had 140,000 Jews. Algeria, where are your Jews?’ The question was raised by Hillel Neuer – an outspoken defender of Israel and frequent ... Read More

Arab FMs reject Iran’s arming of separatists that threaten Morocco’s security, stability

March 10, 2022

The Council of the Arab League expressed, Wednesday in Cairo, its rejection of the destabilizing maneuvers of Iran, which arms separatist elements that threaten Morocco's ... Read More

Iran’s mischief in Morocco is a problem, warns US magazine National Interest

April 3, 2021

US bimonthly magazine the National Interest has rang the alarm about the maneuvers of Iran and its proxy Hezbollah, and the networks of document forgery ... Read More

Lebanon legalizes cannabis growing for medicinal, industrial purposes

April 22, 2020

As Lebanon’s economy struggles amid coronavirus fallout, the parliament on Tuesday passed legislation to legalize cannabis cultivation for medical and industrial purposes, a move that ... Read More

U.S. Bipartisan House Resolution Condemns Polisario as Terror Organization Funded by Tehran

October 1, 2018

A US Bipartisan House Resolution has condemned the recent provocative actions made by the Polisario Front and its foreign supporters, describing the separatist group as ... Read More

Sahara: Congressmen Reaffirm Serious & Credible Character of Morocco’s Autonomy Initiative

October 1, 2018

A resolution was introduced in the US House of Representatives, highlighting the centuries-old ties between Morocco and the U.S. and underscoring support for the Moroccan ... Read More

Iran Tries to Destablize Morocco because of ifs close ties with US- Minister

May 24, 2018

Iran through its proxy Hezbollah and Algeria-backed Polisario separatists are trying to destabilize Morocco because of its close ties to the US and Europe, Foreign ... Read More

UAE Renews Support to Morocco’s Sovereignty over Sahara, Condemns Terrorist Activities of Hezbollah & Polisario

May 23, 2018

The United Arab Emirates renewed on Tuesday its support for Morocco's sovereignty over the Sahara and condemned the terrorist activities of the Polisario separatist front ... Read More

Passenger Planes Could be Downed by Hezbollah-Supplied Missiles to Polisario

May 12, 2018

The missiles supplied by Iran through its proxy Hezbollah to the Polisario separatists could take down commercial aircraft, military expert Dore Gold said. “Morocco now ... Read More

Hezbollah-Polisario Collusion: Washington Denounces Iran’s Destabilizing Activities

May 9, 2018

The US State Department has denounced the destabilizing activities led by Iran, including its support for the Lebanese Chiite Hezbollah movement and other terrorist groups. ... Read More