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Morocco Boasts Most Efficient Counterterrorism Strategy in the Maghreb- Crisis Group

August 10, 2017

Morocco has robust security services and comprehensive counterterrorism strategy that made the country the most insulated against ISIS attacks in the region, underscored the Brussels-based ... Read More

Morocco Nabs More Isis Terror Members

September 22, 2015

Moroccan authorities have announced the arrest during the few past days of another six members of the terror Islamic cell they dismantled September 12th, showing ... Read More

Morocco : Assassination of Public Figures among Terrorist Cell Plans

March 24, 2015

Just two days after it was officially set up, the Moroccan Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation or BCIJ dismantled on March 22 a terrorist cell ... Read More

Morocco-KSA: towards an enhanced anti-terror cooperation

January 20, 2015

There is every indication that Morocco and Saudi Arabia are poised to enhance their cooperation in matters of anti-terrorism struggle and to further the coordination ... Read More

Morocco Heightens Anti-terrorism Vigilance

October 27, 2014

Morocco announced over the weekend it would gradually set up a new anti-terrorism vigilance plan to address the threats endangering the country and to reinforce ... Read More