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Closure of Libya’s largest oil field deepens east-west divisions

January 22, 2019

Libya’s infighting and east west divisions are adding to the oil supply disruptions in the country after the shutdown of the country’s largest oil field. ... Read More

Egypt Bombs Daesh Positions in Libya in Retaliation for Attack against Copts

May 28, 2017

Egyptian fighter jets have stricken bases of the Islamic State (Daesh) in eastern Libya after the latter claimed the attack south of Cairo on a ... Read More

Libya: France Offers Ground to Unite Divided Libyan Political Protagonists

September 29, 2016

France has offered to host next week Libyan political protagonists for talks in order to bridge drifts between UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) and ... Read More

Libya: UN Peace Plan Rejected by MPs, Raising Serious Concerns

January 26, 2016

The UN-brokered peace plan proposing a unity government has hit another unexpected snag, dashing all hopes to restore peace and stability to this North African ... Read More