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France Reacts to ECJ’s Verdict on EU-Morocco Trade Deals, Renews Support for Sahara Autonomy Initiative

December 22, 2016

France said it took note of the verdict of the European Court of Justice, which declared Polisario’s challenge to the EU-Morocco agricultural trade deals as ... Read More

Morocco Takes Note of ECJ’s Verdict

December 22, 2016

Morocco’s foreign ministry said it “took note” of the verdict delivered by the European Court of Justice slamming the polisario as “not concerned” by the ... Read More

Morocco-Russia: Long Awaited Royal Visit to Take Place Mid-March

March 11, 2016

King Mohammed VI’s long-awaited official visit to Russia will take place as of March 13. The announcement was made Friday by the Ministry of the ... Read More

EU Challenges European Court on Trade Deal with Morocco

December 15, 2015

The European Union has decided to appeal the European ruling on EU-Morocco trade agreement as the North African country warned the decision could damage bilateral ... Read More