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Tunisia to Announce New National Unity Government on July 25

June 30, 2016

Ahead of a third consultative committee meeting for the formation of a national unity government scheduled to take place on Friday, President Rached Ghannouchi of ... Read More

Tunisia: Tunis pledges role in the international coordination against terrorism

September 30, 2015

Recovering from two deadly terrorist attacks, Tunisia looks to play a leading role in the fight against terrorism around the world. Prime Minister Essid Tuesday ... Read More

Tunisia to be designated U.S major non-NATO ally, Obama tells Essebsi

May 22, 2015

Tunisia will join Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, and Morocco as the fifth Arab country to be designated as a major non-NATO ally of the U.S. The ... Read More

Tunisia: President calls for solidarity and vigilance after attack

March 19, 2015

Tunisia under its new government has suffered its first terrorist attack as armed men stormed on Wednesday the National Bardo Museum killing at least 22 ... Read More