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Azerbaijan: Morocco calls for closer cooperation between Non-aligned Countries

July 2, 2022

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, pleaded Thursday in Baku for the consolidation of cooperation and multilateral partnership between member countries of ... Read More

Azerbaijan backs Morocco’s actions in Guerguarat

December 4, 2020

Azerbaijan was the latest state to have openly expressed support for Morocco’s actions in Guerguarat aiming at restoring the free flow of goods and passengers. ... Read More

Moroccan diplomacy underscores attachment to multilateralism

October 27, 2019

Moroccan diplomacy is deeply attached to a rules-based international order where multilateralism is key, said Minister in charge of African cooperation Mohcine Jazouli. The Kingdom ... Read More

Morocco, Azerbaijan in same fight against foreign-backed separatists

June 19, 2019

Both Morocco and Azerbaijan have suffered from the remnants of separatists hosted and armed by hostile neighboring states. Morocco has struggled to recover its territorial ... Read More

Libya Intercepts Fuel-Smuggling Ship

February 15, 2016

Libyan coastguards on Saturday have intercepted a ship with a 12-man foreign crew suspected of smuggling fuel. “The coastguards were conducting a reconnaissance mission when ... Read More

Iran warms up ties with Egypt, free visa charm for Egyptians

July 30, 2015

Iran continues its promotional campaign to renew ties with the rest of the world following the historic pact on its nuclear program, granting travel visas ... Read More