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Will Covid-19 propel a brain drain of Moroccan physicians?

May 23, 2020

The US, Canada and many European countries are trying to lure doctors including Moroccans to migrate offering them facilitated migration process and financial advantages as ... Read More

African airlines compete to dominate Africa-Americas transatlantic skies

June 30, 2019

A fierce competition takes place in African skies to dominate flights to the Americas pitting Royal Air Maroc against unrelenting competitors such as the Ethiopian ... Read More

North Africa Tourism Plummets By 8 % in 2015 Due to Terrorism (WTO)

January 20, 2016

As international tourism grew by 4.4 pc in 2015 to reach a record of 1.2 billion arrivals, the number of foreign tourists dropped by 8 ... Read More

Morocco Launches Ambitious Plan to Upgrade Industrial Sector

April 3, 2014

Morocco launched on Wednesday an ambitious plan meant to foster industrial growth, reinforce the country's economic resilience, and confirm its place among emerging nations. At ... Read More