Will Covid-19 propel a brain drain of Moroccan physicians?

The US, Canada and many European countries are trying to lure doctors including Moroccans to migrate offering them facilitated migration process and financial advantages as they seek to bridge the gap in physicians created by the coronavirus outbreak.

French media said that there was a race between European laboratories and hospitals to attract Moroccan, Tunisian and Senegalese doctors based in France.

Both France and Germany have created portals to hire Moroccan doctors targeting notably those pursuing research in German medical centers.

France has 9000 Moroccan doctors most of whom were trained in Moroccan universities, which represents a huge loss for their homeland.

Moroccans voiced pride after their national Moncef Slaoui was appointed by the White house to lead the US Covid-19 vaccine effort but at the same time they regret not having advanced research institutions at home.

Morocco has nearly 950 intensive care doctors and prepares to increase intensive care capacity beds to 3000. The lockdown has so far slowed the spread of the virus but local analysts urge more recruitment to staff hospitals, building new facilities, and giving more incentives to keep Moroccan doctors in their country.

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