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Libya: US airstrike hits al-Qaeda fighters in Ubari

February 14, 2019

UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) has said it allowed a US airstrike on al Qaeda fighters in the southern city of Ubari. The raid, ... Read More

Libya: GNA Forces Welcome ‘Decisive’ US Airstrikes in Sirte

August 5, 2016

Misrata brigade forces aligned with the Government of National Accord taking on the Islamic State (IS) group fighters in coastal city of Sirte welcomed the ... Read More

France: State of Emergency Prolonged Following Nice Attack

July 15, 2016

French President Francois Holland announced, in an early Friday address to the nation, the extension of the state of emergency for three additional months and ... Read More

KSA: Operation Restoring Hope begins after successful airstrikes  

April 22, 2015

Saudi Arabia has announced the end of Operation Decisive Storm after coalition airstrikes “successfully removed threats to Saudi Arabia’s security and that of neighboring countries” ... Read More