Tunisia: Customs guards arrest 3 suspect terrorists

Tunisia: Customs guards arrest 3 suspect terrorists

tunisia-policemanA Tunisian customs guard unit in the governorate of Medenine Thursday arrested three Tunisian suspect terrorists who returned back home stealthily after a visit to Libya.

The three suspect terrorists entered the Tunisian territory from the Libyan side of the border, customs source said, adding that one of them was on police wanted list.

In a separate report, Walid Louguini, spokesman of the Tunisian interior ministry said that the security level in Tunis has been stepped up following terrorist threats received by the security forces. He also explained the strong presence of security forces at Habib Bourguiba Road saying that they were after a suspect terrorist.

The spokesman claimed that terrorist acts have significantly dwindled in the wake of the destruction of all supply chains used by terrorists.

A recent report published by the Spanish Think Tank Real Instituto El Cano indicates that Tunisia has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the number of terrorist attacks since 2011. The Think Tank says that from two attacks in 2011, one attack in 2012, Tunisia became the second country in the Maghreb with growing number of attacks behind Libya with 25 attacks in 2013 and 21 in 2014.

The smallest Maghreb country which was reckoned over the past for its stability spiralled into insecurity after the removal of the former despot ruler Ben Ali chased from power in 2011 following a popular uprising.

Tunisia experienced its deadliest terrorist attacks this year in March and June that left respectively 21 and 38 people dead, most of whom were foreign tourists.

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