Egypt: Plane heading to Egypt diverted upon bomb alert

Egypt: Plane heading to Egypt diverted upon bomb alert

alerteA plane flying from Poland to Egypt was forced to land in Bulgaria after a bomb alert was made by a sixty year old passenger, reports say.

The plane which took off from Warsaw, Poland, heading to the Egyptian resort of Hurghada, landed urgently at Bulgaria city of Burgas after the bomb threat emerged.

“A passenger alerted that there was a bomb on the plane, it was forced to land at Burgas airport,” the spokesman of the airport said.

The 161 Polish passengers on board have been evacuated and security forces are investigating the aircraft.

It also emerged that the sixty year old passenger who made the alert is also being interrogated.

The Egyptian Hurghada resort was to expect Wednesday over 4,000 tourists according to officials.

International holiday makers are leaving in hordes Sharm el-Cheikh resort on the Red Sea for other safer resorts following the crash of the Russian airliner in the Sinai few minutes after taking off the Sharm el-Cheikh airport with 224 people on board.

Wednesday the Islamic State revealed how it downed the plane. It said in the latest edition of its propaganda journal that a “tin-can bomb, a switch and a wire were used to bring down the Russian passenger jet.

Russian officials also confirmed Tuesday that the plane came down due to a terrorist act. The Head of the Russian Intelligence Service said the bomb used was equivalent with a “kilo of TNT”.

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