Tunisia: Head of state Television sacked for “wrong covering of terrorism”

Tunisia: Head of state Television sacked for “wrong covering of terrorism”

BatimentTelevisionTunisienneAvThe Head and the editor-in-chief of Tunisian state television have been sacked after the network broadcast the decapitated head of a Tunisian teenage shepherd slain by terrorists on Friday in the province of Sidi Bouzid.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s office announced the sacking of the two men without giving reasons for the layoff.

The state El Wataniya 1 TV broadcast Saturday a picture of the decapitated head of the teenager.

The terrorists kidnapped the victim and his brother on Friday beheaded him and gave his head to his brother to bring home. The family of the victim stored the decapitated head in their refrigerator until the arrival of officials.

While some journalists have criticized the TV for “committing a major professional error,” others slammed the authorities over the sacking decision saying that the government has thus declared war against journalists and that the way the TV boss has been sacked sends Tunisia back to the era of former dictator Ben Ali.

The two men were informed about their sacking over the phone and the Tunisian broadcast regulatory authority was not informed about the decision beforehand.

Rached Younes who has been appointed as the new TV caretaker has also been criticized as a symbol of corruption during the Ben Ali era.

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