Morocco’s King in Guinea-Bissau to Shore Up African Partnership

Morocco’s King in Guinea-Bissau to Shore Up African Partnership

m6-GuineaAfrica clearly matters for Morocco as the King of this North African nation continues his diplomatic tour in the continent and steps up the gear to reinforce African partnership, banking on home-grown resources and capacities to meet African people’s expectations.

After a week-long visit to Senegal that culminated in the signing of several important cooperation agreements to yield mutual benefits for both countries, King Mohammed VI flew Thursday to Guinea-Bissau on first official visit to the African Country.

Shortly after arrival in Bissau, the Moroccan sovereign and President José Mario Vaz got down to business, chairing the signing ceremony of 16 partnership agreements covering cooperation almost in all sectors.

These agreements seek to boost cooperation between the two countries in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture, vocational training, health, water, solar energy, electricity, handicraft, mining and infrastructure.

The two countries also agreed to waive visas for diplomats and special passport holders, encourage and protect investment, avoid double-taxation and provide free-training for Guinea-Bissau’s students, executives and technicians in Moroccan schools, institutes and centers.

And as a token of friendship and solidarity with Guinea-Bissau, the Moroccan King donated this African country breeding equipment to help it promote livestock, important to food security and socioeconomic development in Africa.

The Moroccan veterinary products will help the African country protect the livestock (cheep, cattle, goats, poultry) against contagious diseases through vaccines, in addition to the improvement of productivity.

They will also enable Guinea-Bissau veterinary surgeons, livestock breeders and producers to fight diseases transmissible to humans. Undoubtedly, the contribution of Morocco to this project is the best illustration of the Kingdom’s sound commitment to support Africa’s sustained development through the transfer of technology adapted to African needs and respecting African traditions for Africa’s sake.

Part of his current African tour, King Mohammed VI will also visit Côte d’Ivoire and Gabon.

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