Saudi Arabia: Security officials confirm IS masterminded the attack at Shi’ite mosque

Saudi Arabia: Security officials confirm IS masterminded the attack at Shi’ite mosque

ksa-mosqueSaudi Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday the IS was responsible for the deadly attack on the Shi’ite mosque in the North province of Saudi that killed 21 people and wounded 101 people during Friday prayers.

Security officials indicate the suicide bomber Saleh Bin Abdulrahman Al-Qashaami who blew himself was already on the wanted list of the Saudi authorities.

Saudi authorities have already arrested 26 people linked to the attack. The attack happened in a Shi’ite dominated province in the village Al-Qudaih. Saudi authorities have been on alert as the kingdom received threats from the group.

In a previous incident, the group managed to kill the head of facilities security department patrol. Authorities were able to arrest 5 people like with the killing among them Isam Sulaiman Mohammed Al-Dawood who gave refuge to Saleh Bin Abdulrahman Al-Qashaami, the suicide bomber.

21 people who help spread the thoughts of the group inside the kingdom were arrested by the security authorities. Officials said they those 21 people help spread the thoughts of the group, recruit youngsters, raise funds to finance operation, collect information, shelters wanted criminals.

Saudi Ministry of Interior have been cracking down on militants of the group and have also released a list of militants already in custody:

Ahmed Abdullah Isa Al-Isa, Osamah Ali Abdullah Al-Othman, Osaid Othman Ahmed Addiwais, Dakheel Shabeeb Dakheel Al-Dosary, Sulaiman Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Rabaa. Saleh Ibrahim Saleh Al-Nammi, Saleh Saad Mohammed Al-Sinaidi, Abdulrahman Fahd Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Hazal, Abdullah Sulaiman Abdullah Al-Faraj, Abdullah Mishaal Al-Katheeri, Othman Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al-Khudairi, Isam Sulaiman Mohammed Al-Dawood, Mohamemd Hamad Abdullah Al-Homaidi, Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hamdan, Mohammed Hamdan Homoud Al-Raheemi Al-Mitairi, Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Rabaa, Maaz Abdulmohsen Abdullah bin Zame, Abdullah Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Saawe (16-years-old), Abdullah Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al-Talq (15-years-old), Saleh Mohammed Saleh Al-Saawe (15-years-old).

King Salman promised no mercy for terrorist attack perpetrators. He also spelled the determination of the kingdom to pursue its vast campaign against IS militants in the kingdom.

“Our efforts to fight the deviant thoughts, confront the terrorists and annihilate their havens will never cease,” the King said.

“We have all been severely pained by the heinous crime that targeted the mosque, leaving behind innocent victims.

“We have been excruciatingly hurt by the terrorist act, which is against all Islamic and humanitarian values.”

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