UN criticizes the quality of education in Algeria

UN criticizes the quality of education in Algeria

The United Nations (UN) has criticized this week, the low level of education in Algeria, partly because of the poor training of teachers. The institution nevertheless welcomed the high rate of 97% of children enrolled in primary school as well as free education system at all levels.

algeria-education-unThe Head of UN department in charge of education, Kishore Singh, welcomed the efforts made by Algeria to the realization of the right to education as a top priority, and urged the Algerian government to improve the

“Quality of Education”

“It’s the quality of education which is the biggest challenge,” said Mr. Singh, at the end of his visit to Algeria from 27th January to 3th February 2015. “The government must urgently meet the need for quality education, raising the level of scholastic skills and relevant to education.” he said.

“Furthermore, Algeria has made remarkable progress in literacy,” said the expert in finding that the enrolment rate at the primary level exceeds 97%, with a good gender parity, the latter being the same majority at university level.

“All these efforts are based on a large national legal framework, ensuring free education at all levels including higher education level” the expert added, welcoming that Algeria gives more than 20% of the national budget to education.

However, the UN official urged the government of Algeria to preserve the gains while arming themselves to face current and future challenges.

The expert, who visited Algiers and Tipaza, felt that the recruitment of qualified teachers and continuing education is a fundamental vector of the quality of education, teachers able to transmit the values of human and humanist values enshrined in the national of law 2008 are essential.

“The government must provide solutions to the problems of repetition, school dropout and overload in schools. In addition, access to education for the most vulnerable children, especially for disabled children, must be improved, “suggested the expert.

“I encourage the government to provide more human and financial resources to the teaching of Tamazight a national language which is constantly back and go up at all levels of the education system,” he continued.

The UN official plan to present the report of his visit to the United Nations Human Rights Council in June 2015

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