Tunisia: TunisAir has increased its revenue, Engineers plan strike

Tunisia: TunisAir has increased its revenue, Engineers plan strike

The fourth quarter result of the operations of the Tunisian national airline, TunisAir was released.


According to figures published by the Tunis Stock Exchange, Gross income of the Tunisian airline TunisAir has reached 1.077 billion dinars ($ 656 million) in 2014, against 1.068 billion dinars ($ 552 million) in 2013, an increase of 0.81%.

The number of passengers transported by the public company for all activities, by contrast, fell by 5.11% year after year, from 3,712,960 passengers in 2013 3,523,107 passengers during the past year.

The carrier’s load factor has improved, reaching 71.8% in 2014 against 70.5% in 2013, while its market share declined from 34.1% to 33.7%. Fuel-related expenses were estimated at 309,850,000 dinars ($ 159 million) in 2014, against 332.23 million dinars ($ 171 million) in 2013.

For fuel prices there is also a decrease in average per ton of 8.4% compared to the fourth quarter of 2013.

According to latest news, Engineers of TunisAir are planning a strike action on Thursday 12th February. This may take several days.

The refusal by the government to give an incentive has sparked the anger of the engineers union of the Tunisian national company. Moncef Ben Romdhane, the general secretary of the Transport Federation, said on the 1st February, 2015 on the Radio Mosaique FM that this bonus was suggested to avoid the maintenance technicians not to sign an agreement “with the Gulf airlines” which are offering more favourable terms. This situation “threatens the future” of TunisAir according to the leader, who has announced the strike. He did not specify the possible impact on flights from or to Tunisian airports.

Note that the national airline of Tunisia employs 3,747 people for its services. In the last quarter 2014, the CEO confirmed the continuation of the restructuring plan with the dismissal of approximately 1,700 employees.

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