Iraq awaits Russian weapons delivery to wage war on ISIS

Iraq awaits Russian weapons delivery to wage war on ISIS

Iraq could soon be forcing the fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to retreat as military weapons from Russia begin to arrive. A visit by Defense Minister Saadun al-Dulaimi to Moscow on Wednesday is expected to have fast-tracked the delivery period due to the failure of the army in halting the fighters of the ISIS. In 2012, the two countries signed a deal for the supply of 36 of the Mi-28 attack helicopters and 48 of the Pantsir units worth $4.2 billion before adding six Mi-35 helicopters and Su-25 fighters.

is-iraqStaff Lieutenant General Mohammed al-Askari has revealed that the Iraqi Defense Minister will meet with his Russian homologue and several officials in order to convince them to “provide Iraq with weapons.”

The ISIS has taken over a large part of the north and western part of the country. The Iraqi military has in some cases retreated thereby facilitating the advances of the ISIS. The front lines have since stabilized and Baghdad has already received intelligence assistance from Washington and Sukhoi warplanes from Russia and Iran. Kremlin’s ambassador to Baghdad, Ilya Mogunov, has estimated that 10 Sukhoi fighter jets will be handed over to the military before the end of summer.

The Russian gunships and fighters will be supporting the military in its efforts to push back the ISIS. The absence of aerial cover has been pin pointed to have contributed to the failure of the military. A report by Interfax has confirmed that multiple contracts concluded by both contracts “have entered into force and are being fulfilled.”

After the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US Army, Iraq has become much more if a country where sectarian violence continues to be on rise.

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