African and Arab Parliaments back Morocco in its crisis with Spain

African and Arab Parliaments back Morocco in its crisis with Spain

The pan-African and Arab Parliaments have expressed backing to Morocco in its bilateral standoff with Spain while lauding Rabat’s efforts to counter illegal migration and facilitate the return of its unaccompanied minors.

The two parliaments echoed Morocco’s arguments that the crisis is a bilateral political crisis that Spain seeks to Europeanize.

The African Parliament made it clear “that the European parliament should refrain from being involved in a crisis between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain. This is a crisis between two countries that can be resolved through diplomatic means.”

The European parliament adopted on June 10 a non-legislative and non-binding resolution that says Morocco used minors in its standoff with Spain. A claim which Morocco rejects in the strongest terms.

The resolution divided the European parliament with two thirds of MEPs abstaining from supporting the Spanish submitted resolution which was rejected by Morocco.

The Arab Parliament rejected the resolution of the European parliament which insists, it said, on meddling in a bilateral crisis between Rabat and Madrid.

After describing the resolution as a provocation reflecting a sense of European patronizing with Arab countries, the Arab Parliament said the European parliament has ignored Morocco’s efforts to counter-terrorism and illegal migration.


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