Tunisia forecasts 7,200 covid-19-related death by end of 2020

The Tunisian health ministry Tuesday said it fears 7,200 people might die of the covid-19 pandemic as the country continues registering steady cases of contaminations now standing at 42,227 since March when the first case was reported.
The alert came from the ministry’s spokesperson Nissaf Ben Alaya who told local radio Express fm that the virus is fast spreading.
2,185 cases of new contaminations were registered over the past three days, said Alaya who also pointed out that 61 other people have died from the disease – bringing the death toll to 687.
Previous death toll forecasts by the end of this year published two weeks ago, established fatalities at 5,500 but the ministry warned that the figure might shoot up given the current contamination rate.
The North African country last week imposed a partial lockdown; night curfew, in several governorates including the capital in a bid to slow down contacts with the virus.

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