Housing Industry: Algeria, Italy to Set up Joint Ventures

Housing Industry: Algeria, Italy to Set up Joint Ventures

algeria constAlgerian and Italian companies will set up joint ventures in the housing industry sector as demand continues to grow in the North African country.

According to the CEO of INDJAB holding company, Hafid Fassouli, four Algerian-Italian joint ventures specialized in construction and housing will be created soon, in a bid to upgrade Algeria’s construction capacity.

During a recent meeting that brought together Italian building firms and Algerian public companies, forming the INDJAB holding company, four memorandums of understanding, providing for setting up the joint ventures, were signed.

The joint ventures will boost Algeria’s potential in the sector and make it benefit from the know-how of its partners. The joint ventures will actually ensure technology transfer, the training of Algerian workers and the introduction of new building techniques in Algeria that will improve the quality of housing and reduce housing projects’ completion deadlines.

Over 80 Italian companies participated at the meeting on Algeria-Italy partnership in housing, organized by the Association of Italian Builders (ANCE) and the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE).

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