Moroccan intelligence services to help secure tourism sites in Europe

Moroccan intelligence services to help secure tourism sites in Europe

European intelligence services requested their Moroccan counterparts’ assistance in a bid to protect tourist sites as holidaymakers prepare to assault European summer resorts and beaches.

Threats of terrorist attacks are still clouding the European continent as arrests of militants of the Islamic State group (IS) continue to be on the rise.

France, UK and Spain have raised their security alerts and are building up strategies to better secure cities and tourist sites, as the tourism season is about to kick off, local Moroccan Arabic media Al Ahdath Al Maghribia reports.

The media notes that the call is made in an attempt to take pro-active actions to prevent terrorist attacks. Spanish authorities have been on the alert on potential attacks of IS militants at Marbella or la Costa Del Sol resorts.

British authorities have also raised alert levels in the country following the London attack near the British parliament late March.

Collaboration between European and Moroccan intelligence services has been fostered since November 2015 following the Paris attacks.

Moroccan intelligence services have helped thwart attacks and bust cells in Belgium, France and in several other countries.

Late last month Europe warned Morocco of the potential threats Moroccan foreign fighter in Syria and Iraq would pose as they mull plans to return home.


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