Mauritania Officially Denies Hosting UAE Air Base

Mauritania’s defense ministry has officially denied hosting a military air base near the borders with Algeria.


Rumors spread after a visit this month by a UAE military delegation with many news portals spreading fake news of a possible Emirati base near the Mauritanian borders with Algeria and Mali.


The defense ministry underscores the “brotherly ties with the UEA” based on the principle of mutual interest and cooperation in all fields “including military.”


In mid-2019, many regional news-outlets also reported about the setting up of an UAE military base in Niger near the border with Libya.


The UAE has provided military and financial support for forces loyal to General Haftar who are trying to take the capital Tripoli from the UN-recognized government.


Somaliland’s authorities have inked a deal with the United Arab Emirates for a $442 million port upgrade and the establishment of a new UAE naval base, offering the UAE a new launch point for its involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen and a way to strengthen its footing in the Horn of Africa.


The UAE also has a naval and air base around the Eritrean port of Assab.

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